Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Selamat Hari Rayer Aidiladha..

Selamat hari rayer sume... Wlaupon hari ke 3 msih sempat yer nk wish.. Raye taun ni mmg xbest.. I didn't expect this kind of situation will happen in my real life!!.. If it is just a dream, I don't know how could I praised to Allah..really2 Alhamdulillah... but it will never changed! and it will happen again and no one knows it'll happen again in Aidilfitri.. but now i only can tell u all that i'm really2 sad and i don't want it to happen again... (T-T)


It's not good for me but I'm proud with it, Alhamdulillah..

sy msih bersyukur dengan result sy... kpd kwn2 yg kna repeat,tabahkn hati mu..InsyaAllah ad yg lebih baik... so,sy bersyukur dngn ape yg sy dpt walaupon menurun... Alhamdulillah..thx Allah

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Dup Dap Dup Dap..zzzZZzzz

Esok bersamaan hari Jumaat ; 4.11.2011 ; 9.00 a.m , result utk sem 5 akn kluar..oh noo, i'm not ready to know the surprised! Either it is better or bad for me.. oh no! i don't want to check my result!..............................